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Structural Design
SafeKa have many designers in R & D department, who are graduated from university, some of them have been in POS display design for over 9 years, they are focus on develop and build up new project. They will figure out all the solution about the display, then layout a sketch to make sure is it enough to satisfy customer.
When begin to develop a display, we will consider all the issue possibility that might be occurs in advance, such as capacity, size limitation, loading quantity or instruction etc. With their extensive knowledge of POS display design, our team have the skills to help you deliver brilliant solutions for your client.


Computer Renderings
Our graphic designers have been with us for years, and have experience in large format printing. Whether you are in need of a small cardboard PDQ or a large pallet display with multiple trays and levels, our designer are capable to conceptualize your display.


Mock Up Sample
Sample making is very important before mass production, we have full automatic cutting machine for customized display sample making, the larger cutting areas: 1.6x1.2m. After structure and dimension confirmed we will send you the template of the display design, you just need to laydown your logo and graphics on the template, and send us back in AI or PDF format.
Kindly note that all the artwork files need to be editable in case of modifying, images need to be 300dpi in high resolution.
Normally a cardboard stand sample might take 3 working days to proceed. R&D and QC department will mock up sample and check all the details according the sample order sheet before it could be send out via express. If you don't want to send it out we would like to send photos or video for your confirm.


Mass production
If there is any adjustment needed for the sample, we will improved the pop display structure according to client's requirement. After sample approved a white sample will be made for guiding mass production. Due to having full sets of the production machine we can control the printing effect and display quality in the whole process.

Safeka Display works with multi-national companies to design and manage the production of POP retail displays which increase sales by influencing the customer at the final point of decision.
We are not just a high quality displays manufacturer, we are a partner of you. If your product is made in China, we can expedite your product to market by assembling the displays, packing out the displays, shrink wrapping the displays and placing each display into an individual shipper.