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We have full sets of production machine ,factory, plant and warehouse occupied 30000 square meters. We have large printing area of Offset Printing Machine, UV Coating Machine, Coating Machine, Fully Automatic Die-cutting, Corrugated Cardboard Production Line and Flexo Printing Machine, which guarantee we can make high quality custom displays.

The whole production flow  includes the bellow process:
► Laminating ► Die cutting ► Folding ► Gluing QC ► Packing

First we need to make a printing sample for structure and printing effect confirmation. These process will be finished by our Epson Digital Printing Machine and Aoke Automatic Cutting Machine.

             EPSON DIGITAL PRINTING                                   
Aoke Automatic Cutting Machine

♦ Printing Displays
After display sample confirmed, a CTP printing plate will be made for mass production, we do it with our own CTP Plate making machine.


             CTP Plate making machine                                                CTP Plate making

And then it goes to  the printing process, we have  MITSUBISHI 4C Offset Printing Machine, Roland 900 4C Printing Machine which maximum printing dimention goes to 1630*1250mm, and Roland 700 6+1  Printing Machine which can print 1030*730mm dimention.

MITSUBISHI 4C Offset Printing Machine
                           Roland 900 4C Printing Machine                  Roland 700 6+1  Printing

♦ Laminating


                     Gloss lamination                                                  Gloss lamination Machine                                          Gloss Varnishing

                         Laminating                                                   Aotumatic Laminating Machine  

♦ Die cutting
                   Die Cutting Process                                                    
Die Cutting Machines                                  Automatic Die Cutting Machine

                     Die Cutting Process                                                Die Cutting Process                                              Die Cutting Process

♦ Folding & Gluing displays



♦ QC & Packing