• How To Make A Cheap Cardboard Display Stand?
    Cheap Option -Cardboard display stand Design A
    1. 3mm thick material
    2. Made of 2 pieces of cardboard
    3. The shelves and base are together with the body

    Side wall: 3mm thick
    Weight resistance: 3-4kgs
    Regular cardboard display stand in the market- Design B
    1. 3mm thick material
    2. Made of 8 pieces of cardboard (3 shelves,1 base, 2 side wall , 1 backboard and 1 header card)
    3. The shelves, header ,base and body are separated
    Side wall: 6mm thick  (because the 3mm material is folded)
    Without a metal bar: 6kgs
    With a metal bar: 9-10kgs

    But if you still need to make a big display but with limit budget, and the branding needs the full printing. Then we can also make you an suggestions.

    Factors to affect the weight resistance per shelf:

    1. Size

    For example, design A is 500mm wide x 235mm deep. If the size is 300mm x 235, the weight resistance is stronger than 500mm x 235mm.

    2. Structure of the design model

    For design B, we can enhance the weight resistance per shelf by adding 1 or 2 metal bars. But Design A cannot do this.

    Factors to affect the stability :

    1. Size about the depth

    For example:  design A is 500mm wide x 235mm, if the depth is 350mm, it is more stable.

    2. structure of design

    For example: Design A is light weight, and Design B is heavier with more maerial used.

    3. Base

    If the base is taller, the bottom will support more. It is about center of gravity.

    4. location

    If the design A lean against the wall, the more stabiliy is no doube.

    Suggestion for Design A:

    If the display does not lean against the wall, the size is advised to change.

    Such as: 400mm wide x 300mm deep x 1500mm Tall

    And the material can be 5mm thick

    If so, the cost will be increased as well