• Interesting! How a cardboard cut-out works in a football field?
    Do you hear that cardboard cut-out fans? Yes, a cardboard cut-out, not a really person! Under the effect of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic,over Monchengladbach 13,000 fans paid to have a cardboard cut-out of themselves at Borussia Park to support the first home game back after the resumption of the Bundesliga.
    Cardboard cut-out display can also deliver a kind of emotion. It is not only a kind of banner display in store and supermarket, it can also bring some funs in our life.

    I love this idea not only because we are a cardboard display stand & cardboard cut-out supplier, but also I love that it is innovative to express emotion.


    How to make a cardboard cut-out ? It is very easy, you only need to have a clear enough picture! If you are interested, please feel free to contact us by www.safeka.com . For more details, please kindly check here.