Cardboard Charity Box
    A wide variety of cardboard charity box or cardboard suggestion box options is available in SAFEKA DISPLAY & PACKAGING LTD. Cardboard charity boxes are always worked to raise funds for good cause, so we also call it cardboard donation boxes as well. In addition to this, this kind of boxes structure are often used to collect some suggestion and vote. And how does they look? The cardboard charity box will come with a coin slot, and sometimes, we will use the slot cover to protect the slots. Cardboard suggestion boxes come with bigger slot as required, custom service is accepted.
    Corrugated cardboard material charity box/suggestion box
    Corrugated cardboard charity boxes, cardboard ballot boxes, cardboard suggestion boxes are made from 100% recycled corrugated cardboard, even with domestic recycling. The most special advantage is custom printing. The graphics and text printed on the boxes make people easier to raise awareness of your charity for collecting donations or to encourage people to vote or make some suggestion. And cardboard recycled cardboard boxes are friendly to short-term activity.

    Acrylic material charity box/ballot box

    If you want a charity box or suggestion box to reuse over and over again and require it to be transparent, acrylic charity boxes are the best suggestion. It is always used on supermarket counter table, hotel receptions, stores checkout counter with a Long-term charity activity.

    How does a cardboard charity box to work?

    These boxes are always used to sell sweets, lollipops, mascots, pin badges and wristbands,etc. in return for a donation to charity. Some product manufacturers will make a charity box with their product promotion activity to enhance the brand awareness and give back to society.

    So far, cardboard charity box and cardboard suggestion box are not only used on a counter table. When it needs to be free standing outside, SAFEKA also provide an option: floor standing donation box and cardboard voting booth.

    SAFEKA designs and manufactures charity boxes and ballot boxes from corrugate cardboard or acrylic for both international and local charities. Our fully printed and branded cardboard charity boxes are custom designed as your specification with your graphics. And cardboard displays with your charity branding can really offer an excellent return on investment to charity. If you have budget requirement, you can adopt the blank cardboard donation boxes or craft charity boxes without print. All of charity boxes and suggestion boxes we made and printed come from our factory directly under the strict control of arrangement in house, and then high quality is 100% assured with strong and durable with assembly less than 5 seconds. For all aspects of your order, our knowledgeable sales will help you and keep you informed throughout the process. Service is in our blood, you’ll be pleased to choose SAFEKA.