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    Cardboard Floor Display
    A cardboard floor display is referred as shelf or tier displays, pocket displays or display with compartments, shipper display. Floor display is an standard and simple design with two sides walls, one header and multiple shelves. Several floor displays can be put together on a pallet in the middle of stores and put in a row on the aisle or in front of checkout counter for a promotion event. If we put some floor display units together to form a display island, this will greatly attract the attention of passers-by.
    What features does it has? It can show a series of product on only one cardboard floor display, show the selling point on the front topper, great expose to different products in one brand, easy assembling within seconds. It is good for new launched product promotion.  
    A cardboard display is famous among stores, supermarket, book stores, boutique, chain stores to show snacks, drinks, bottles, hardware, tableware, Chewing gums, magazines, books, clothes, sporting products, socks, gloves, greeting cards, etc.
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