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    Power Wing Display & Sidekick Display
    A Power wing display is a compact, lightweight display that is designed to be space efficient and easy to set up. They are intended for impulse buying.
    Cardboard Power Wings is a paperboard floor display with plastic hooks or metal hooks for pegged product. It can be designed to be a hanging display or a sidekick display, which is mostly located at the end of an aisle, on the walls, shelves or corner metal frames with the usage of special S–clips. Cardboard Power wing displays or sidekicks with products on plastic hooks must be designed and properly tested before shipping. The display must be fully loaded with merchandise to ensure that the weight of the product will hold up in store. 
    1, Hook or tray is availabe.
    2, Can be a floor display if we add a base to it.
    3, Making the pegged products in different sizes on the power wing display to be well organized to show.
    4, Make full use of the space on the wall or corner of the shelf of the supermarket.